Committee of Selection

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38.81Though much of the work of the Committee of Selection is related to the consideration of nominations to committees on public bills and other business committed or referred to a general committee, the Committee itself operates subject to the standing orders relating to private business.1 The Committee consists of nine members of whom three are a quorum. Members who are Whips of their political parties have usually been among those nominated. For the functions of the Committee so far as they relate to public bills and other business committed to a general committee, see para 39.3; so far as they relate to select committees,2 see para 38.5; so far as they relate to hybrid bills and private business, see paras 30.66 and 43.11.


  1. 1. During the 2017 Parliament, the role of the Committee of Selection (appointed under SOs 109–118 relating to private business) was performed by the Selection Committee. In 2017, the House passed a temporary standing order which recreated the Committee of Selection as the Selection Committee, to be regarded as if it were appointed under the private business standing order, with the same basic powers and structure, though accompanied by certain additional provisions as to how it was to discharge its functions in relation to nomination of general committees, Votes and Proceedings, 12 September 2017.
  2. 2. The provision in SO No 152E for a procedure involving the Committee of Selection in the appointment of members of the statutory Intelligence and Security Committee is no longer applicable following the changes made to that committee (including its renaming) in the Justice and Security Act 2013 (see para 41.14 for more on that committee).