Finance Committee and Administration Committee

38.79Two committees, the Finance Committee and the Administration Committee, are appointed to lead on matters relating to the internal finance and administration of the House service.1

The Finance Committee is appointed under Standing Order No 144 to consider expenditure on, and the administration of, services for the House of Commons. With the assistance of the Commons Executive Board, it prepares the Estimates for the House of Commons Administration for submission to the House of Commons Commission; monitors the financial performance of the House administration; and reports to the Commission or the Speaker on the financial and administrative implications of recommendations made to them by the other House committees. It also has an advisory role in relation to the Estimate for House of Commons: Members.

The Administration Committee, appointed under Standing Order No 139, represents the views of Members on services provided by the House Service and provides advice to the Speaker and the House of Commons Commission on matters delegated to it by the Commission. Any recommendation of the Committee which would incur additional expenditure charged to the House of Commons Administration Estimate is considered also by the Finance Committee. The Committee may make rules and give directions to Officers in respect only of such administrative matters as have been determined by the Speaker or the Commission.

Both committees have a membership of 11. Generally, over the period of their existence, including as predecessor committees, this has included Whips from the two major parties and a representative of the minor parties and members (sometimes the Chair) of the other committee. Following a recommendation of the Tebbit review of the governance of the Commons, the Finance Committee also has the Chairman of Ways and Means as a member. The committees have the usual powers of select committees, although they generally proceed informally rather than by taking formal evidence, and they have the power to communicate their evidence to the Commission. Both committees are assisted by Officers of the House.


  1. 1. See also paras 6.3 and 6.4. The Finance Committee succeeded the Finance and Services Committee in 2013, the predecessor committee having been first appointed in 1991. The Administration Committee was first appointed in 2005 and replaced the Accommodation and Works Committee, the former Administration Committee (concerned with general services), the Broadcasting Committee, the Catering Committee and the Information Committee (concerned with the Library and information technology), CJ (2005–06) 122. For a description of the preceding arrangements, see Erskine May (23rd edn, 2004), p 789.