Independent Expert Panel

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5.5AThe Independent Expert Panel hears appeals against decisions by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, considers referrals from the Commissioner and determines sanctions in cases involving an allegation against a Member of a breach of Parliament's Sexual Misconduct Policy or Bullying and Harassment Policy under the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme. The Panel is required to publish reports in any case where it determines a sanction that can only be imposed by the House, must publish an annual report, and may report from time to time on the operation of the ICGS as it relates to Members of the House.1

The Panel consists of eight members who may not be, or have been, a Member of either House. They are appointed by a resolution of the House for non-renewable terms of up to six years, and may be dismissed only by a resolution following a report from the House of Commons Commission.2 This is to ensure that the Panel operates entirely independently of Members.

The Panel was established by resolution of the House in June 2020; its first members were appointed in November 2020. In addition to its formal reports, the Panel has published guidance setting out its approach.3


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