Answers to Addresses

9.14When Addresses have been presented by the whole House, the Speaker in one House, and the Lord Speaker in the other, report the answer of Her Majesty; but when they have been presented in the ordinary way, the answer is reported, in the Commons, by a Member who holds an office as one of the royal household, usually the Vice-Chamberlain, who appears at the Bar and, on being called by the Speaker, reads Her Majesty's answer; and in the Lords, generally by the Lord Chamberlain or another member of the royal household.1


  1. 1. The proceedings of the House have sometimes been interrupted to receive the Sovereign's answer, CJ (1852–53) 438; ibid (1878–79) 23. On 19 November 1914, the King's answer was reported by a Privy Counsellor who appeared at the Bar in uniform, ibid (1914–16) 15.