Her Majesty's answer

8.39Her Majesty's answer to the Address of each House is now invariably of a formal character.1 The procedure upon the reception of the Sovereign's answer to an Address by Parliament is described at para 9.14.


  1. 1. The inclusion of unusual matter in the Address has caused variations in the reply. Thus Queen Victoria's answer to the Address, 10 June 1859, which contained a paragraph affirming that Her Majesty's then present advisers did not possess the confidence of the House of Commons, stated that Her Majesty had thereupon taken measures for the formation of a new administration: CJ (1859) 219. When a paragraph similar in form was added to the Address, the usual order was made for the presentation of the Address; but no answer from Her Majesty was presented to the House. When an amendment which occasioned a change of administration was added to the Address, the Sovereign's answer was of a wholly formal character: CJ (1886) 57; ibid (1924) 32.