Date and place of meeting of Parliament

8.3A new Parliament is summoned to meet by a proclamation issued by the Queen on the advice of the Privy Council. This proclamation appoints a day and place for the meeting of the new Parliament.1


  1. 1. The London Gazette (5 May 2017), p 334. The timetable for elections is set out in the Representation of the People Act 1983. Although an interval between dissolution and the summoning of a new Parliament still remains possible, writs have to be issued within three years of dissolution (16 Cha 2, c 1, and 6 & 7 Will & Mary, c 2) and the practice of providing money for the public service by annual enactments renders it necessary for Parliament to meet every year. When Parliament temporarily sought other accommodation during the Second World War (see Erskine May (24th edn, 2011), p 10, fn 43), its place of sitting was always within Westminster, and therefore within the terms of its summons. For the power to postpone the date on which Parliament is summoned to meet, see para 8.10.