Parliamentary papers

7.39Copies of parliamentary papers are made available to Members of Parliament as soon as they are laid.1 No copies of parliamentary papers may be delivered to any department, or otherwise published, until the paper is available to Members.2 No copies may be delivered to any department or otherwise published until they have been made so available. Papers printed by order of one House are available to Members of the other House.

The Vote Office supplies documents to Members for their own use in the conduct of their parliamentary duties. The Vote Office stocks a wide range of parliamentary and government documents for the current session, and older papers may also be available or will be printed on request. Publications available in digital form may also be available or will be printed on request. Members of the Lords are entitled to one copy of parliamentary papers and working papers of the House (eg Minutes of Proceedings, Notices and Hansards) by application to the Printed Paper Office.


  1. 1. CJ (1871) 96; HC Deb (2009–10) 508, c 307. For a case where an Act Paper, having been presented to the House of Commons, was publicly released before being made available to Members, see HC Deb (1984–85) 83, cc 884–85.
  2. 2. In exceptional cases arrangements have been made for those closely affected by a report to be able to read it before it became available to Members and the public: for example, the Reports of the 2006 Deepcut Inquiry (Report of a review by Nicholas Blake QC of the circumstances surrounding the deaths of four soldiers at Princess Royal Barracks, Deepcut, between 1995 and 2002, HC 795, CJ (2005–06) 560) and the 2010 Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday (Principal Conclusions and Overall Assessment of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, HC 30, and Report of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, HC 29 -I to -X, Votes and Proceedings, 15 June 2010).