The Lords' Official Report

7.20In the Lords the reporting staff, headed by the Editor of Debates, is appointed by the Clerk of the Parliaments. The Official Report is published daily and later made up into bound volumes. Since the introduction of questions for written answer in 1928, the answers to such questions have been printed in the Official Report,1 but the official version of each Answer is now published online,2 while the Official Report makes a printed version available for the convenience of Members. The publication of additional matter, which is too lengthy or too complicated to be given orally in the House, is permitted in the case of answers to oral questions and of ministerial statements.3 A separate volume containing reports of debates in Grand Committee is also produced. The Official Report is a full report as defined above for the Commons' Official Report. Members are expected, in submitting corrections, not to ‘attempt to alter the sense of words spoken by them in debate’.4


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