Amendment Papers

7.4Amendment papers consist of amendments, new clauses and new schedules and motions relating to public bills to be taken on the day of the paper's publication, whether in Committee of the whole House, public bill committee, or in the Chamber. They are printed on white paper and distributed by the Vote Office and published on the Parliament website.

For each bill on which proceedings are to be taken on a future date, a marshalled list of amendments (known as the ‘up to and including’ list) is maintained. Notices of amendments and motions given in respect of the bill are integrated into that list as they are tabled. This applies to all the stages mentioned above. A small number of each of these documents is printed and distributed on blue paper on the following day and the document is electronically published. An up-to-date marshalled list is printed, distributed and published electronically, whether or not there is new content, two days before the start of each stage of a bill.

Legislative Grand Committee Consent Motions are published online and in hard copy immediately after the Speaker's formal certification following report stage (see para 27.10 ).