Parliamentary Services

6.40The Clerk Assistant oversees Parliamentary Services, covering the work of all the main procedural offices.

The Committee Office is responsible for supporting the select committees of the House (see Chapter 40).

The Journal Office comprises the Registry, Table Office and Printed Paper Office plus the conduct functions. The Registry is responsible for the collection and analysis of data on the membership and work of the House and for the compilation and issue of the Journals of the House. The Table Office advises on the tabling of parliamentary business and has responsibility for the production of the House of Lords Business, including the Minutes of Proceedings. The Printed Paper Office is responsible for the provision and digital publication of parliamentary papers and other documents that Members need to discharge their parliamentary duties. Another group of staff within the Journal Office supports the House of Lords Commissioner for Standards, the Registrar of Lords' Interests and the Sub-Committee on Lords' Conduct.

The Legislation Office supervises the passage of primary and secondary legislation through the House. The office prepares procedural briefs in respect of public bills, and is responsible for the printing of bills and amendments and Public Acts and Measures, and for the transmission to the House of Commons of all official messages. The office supervises the passage of private bills through the House. The Clerk of Private Bills is appointed one of the two Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills.1

The Department of the Official Report (Hansard) provides a daily and weekly record of debates, statements and written answers. A fuller description is given at para 7.20.

The Library provides research, information and bibliographic services to support the legislative and deliberative functions of the House.

Black Rod's Department controls access to the Chamber and the precincts of the House and is responsible for maintaining order within them. Black Rod's Department is also responsible for ceremonial occasions in the House of Lords and for State ceremonial in the Palace of Westminster.


  1. The office also supports the Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee, the Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee and the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments.