6.23Broadcasters were first granted access to sound feeds from both Houses on 3 April 1978.1 The House of Lords granted access to television cameras on 23 January 1985 and the Commons on 21 November 1989.

The Administration Committee in the Commons and Services Committee in the Lords oversee provision of broadcasting services, proposing rules of coverage for the Houses to agree to ensure full, balanced and accurate coverage, and guidelines on use of excerpts from the broadcasts. The Director of Parliamentary Audio/Video, who is an officer of both Houses, is responsible for ensuring that the arrangements authorised by these committees, and the guidelines for coverage that they agree, are adhered to.


  1. 1. The decision to broadcast proceedings of the House was, in each case, taken first on an experimental basis—see Erskine May (21st edn, 1989) p 217. The decision was approved in principle by both Houses in 1976 (LJ (1975–76) 247, CJ (1975–76) 214), and resolutions authorising sound broadcasting and setting out the conditions on which it would take place were made subsequently (LJ (1976–77) 820; CJ (1976–77) 452).