Commons Executive Board

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6.6The Commission has delegated the management of day-to-day operations to the Commons Executive Board by an Instrument of Delegation.1 The Commons Executive Board provides leadership for the House of Commons Service. It acts as a sub-committee of the Commission and is accountable to it. Its responsibilities are:

  • to assist the Commission in setting strategic objectives for the House of Commons Administration, and to be accountable to the Commission for the delivery of the strategy;
  • to assist the Finance Committee in the preparation of the Estimates and to carry out other functions relating to expenditure on the administration of House of Commons services which the Commission allocates to it;
  • to fulfil the statutory responsibilities delegated to it by the House of Commons Commission in relation to the employment of House staff;
  • to direct the House of Commons Administration, deciding policy and operational issues as delegated to it by the Commission, the Speaker or the Clerk;
  • to provide assurance to the Audit and Risk Committee;
  • to support the Clerk and the Director General.

The members of the Commons Executive Board are the Clerk of the House (Chair), the Director General (Operations), the Managing Directors of the House of Commons Service, the Director of Parliamentary Security, the Head of the Parliamentary Digital Service and Speaker's Counsel. The Director of Communications also attends meetings of the CEB.


  1. 1. The most recent Instrument was made on 17 May 2021; see