Visits to sites

46.22Committees on private bills do not normally have power to adjourn from place to place,1 but a select committee may, if it thinks fit, visit the site affected by a private bill.2


  1. 1. More recently, exceptions have been the select committees on three hybrid bills: Cardiff Bay Barrage Bill, 1992–93, to enable the committee to sit and hear evidence in Cardiff: LJ (1992–93) 412; Channel Tunnel Rail Link Bill, 1995–96, to enable the committee to hear evidence if necessary in France and Belgium, 21 May 1996, and the Crossrail Bill, LJ (2007–08) 186, to enable the Committee to hear evidence at various sites on the proposed Crossrail route. The select committee on the High Speed Rail (London–West Midlands) Bill undertook site visits, not to hear evidence, but for `basic route familiarisation’ (Special Report, HL 83 (2016–17), para 28). A select committee has by motion in the House been authorised to visit Nantes in France in connection with the Croydon Tramlink Bill 1992: ibid (1992–93) 368.
  2. 2. For example, Croydon Tramlink Bill 1992.