Withdrawal of opposition (Standing Order 113)

46.20If no parties appear on their petitions against a bill or on petitions against alterations, or, having appeared, withdraw their opposition before the promoter's evidence has been opened, or if their right to have their petition considered (locus standi )1 is disallowed, the committee is required to report accordingly to the House. The bill is then dealt with as if originally unopposed and, unless there is an outstanding application for costs before the select committee, is committed to an unopposed bill committee. But nothing in this standing order prevents the committee from requiring the preamble of a bill to be proved (see below) in any case in which an application for costs has been made.


  1. 1. The term `locus standi ’ was replaced in private business standing orders with `the right to have petition considered’ as part of a revision of Standing Orders in 2017. See House of Lords Procedure Committee, Second Report, Revisions of Private Business Standing Orders, HL 34 (2017–19). A similar amendment was made to the House of Commons private business standing orders.