Queen's consent

45.32The third reading is the stage at which a Privy Counsellor signifies the Queen's consent to any bill affecting the property or interests of the Crown or Duchy of Lancaster or the consent of the Prince of Wales, as Duke of Cornwall (or, if he is not of age, the consent of the Queen on his behalf).1


  1. 1. For Queen's consent see CJ (1994–95) 93, 418; ibid (1996–97) 320; ibid (1997–98) 496; ibid (1998–99) 270. For the consent of the Prince of Wales, see ibid (1974–75) 414. See also para 9.6. On 19 November 1987, where the Queen's consent had been properly obtained in respect of the Felixstowe Dock and Railway Bill but had not been notified to the House, the Bill was allowed to proceed, HC Deb (1987–88) 122, c 1233.