Proceedings on and after report of private bill

45.25If a bill has not been amended, it is ordered to be read the third time.1 Bills reported from committees with amendments are ordered to lie upon the Table. Where the committee reports that the allegations of the bill have not been proved to its satisfaction, or that the parties promoting the bill have informed the committee that it is not their intention to proceed further, the bill is ordered to lie upon the Table.2

At least three clear days must elapse between the report from the committee and consideration of a bill ordered to lie upon the Table.3

At least three clear days before the consideration of a bill, a copy of the bill, as amended in committee, is to be laid by the agent before the Chairman of Ways and Means and the Counsel to the Speaker, and is also to be deposited with every department and office at which it was deposited under Standing Orders 39 and 40.4

At least one clear day's notice, in writing, is required to be given by the agent for the bill to the Private Bill Office of the day proposed for the consideration of a private bill ordered to lie upon the Table.5


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