Re-committal of private bill

45.24Sometimes private bills reported from a committee have been re-committed.1 The usual practice is for a re-committed bill to be referred specifically ‘to the former committee’;2 and no Member can then sit, unless they had been duly qualified to serve upon the original committee on the bill. Unless the bill is re-committed by the House with express reference to particular provisions,3 the whole bill is open to reconsideration in committee. By Standing Order 199 (see para 45.12 ), one clear day's notice is to be given to the Private Bill Office of the meeting of the committee on a re-committed bill; and a filled-up bill, as proposed to be submitted to the committee, on re-committal, should be deposited by the agent in the same office, two clear days before the meeting of the committee.4


  1. 1. See also para 45.31 for re-committal on third reading.
  2. 2. See para 45.22 for bills re-committed for further consideration of its decisions by a committee. In 1976, the Committee on the Hampshire County Council (Haslar Bridge) Bill found the preamble not proved without having heard evidence in support of the allegations contained in it. The bill was recommitted to the Committee of Selection with an instruction to refer it to a new committee, CJ (1975–76) 412, 415.
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