Reprinting of private bill as amended in committee

45.23Once the bill has been reported by the committee, it is required by Standing Order 179 to be printed, as amended, at the expense of the promoters in the same style as the House copy deposited under Standing Order 164 (para 45.2 ).1 When printed, copies of the amended bill must be delivered to the Vote Office, for the use of Members, three clear days at least before the consideration of the bill. The copy of the amended bill, printed and covered in the same manner as the House copy, must be deposited in the Private Bill Office where it is examined by the clerk in that office and endorsed as so examined. It then takes the place of the former House copy.2 It is also published online.


  1. 1. In 1959, during a printing strike, SO 179 was suspended on the motion of the Chairman of Ways and Means. Bills which had been amended in committee did not have to be reprinted, but the amendments made had to be indicated on the copies available for Members, CJ (1958–59) 276.
  2. 2. SO 203.