Bills referred to specially constituted committees

45.11Private bills dealing with subjects which, in the opinion of the House, are of special interest or importance, have sometimes been referred to a select committee nominated partly by the House and partly by the Committee of Selection, or otherwise specially constituted.1

In Sessions 1978–79 and 1979–80, notice was given of motions to refer several clauses of three local authority general powers bills to a Committee of the whole House. The Chairman of Ways and Means drew the attention of the House to the inconvenience of agreeing to such a motion, and the motions were not proceeded with.2


  1. 1. For example, City of London (Guild Churches) Bill 1951–52; Esso Petroleum Company Bill 1959–60; and Letchworth Garden City Corporation Bill 1961–62.
  2. 2. Private Business (1978–79) p 85 ff; ibid (1979–80) p 13 ff; HC Deb (1978–79) 964, cc 345–50; SO No 31 (Public) (now No 32) was subsequently amended to extend the Speaker's power of selection to motions of this kind.