Committee on unopposed bills

45.9Every unopposed bill is referred by the Committee of Selection to the Committee on Unopposed Bills, which consists of seven members: the Chairman of Ways and Means (who is ex officio Chair), the Deputy Chairmen, and four members selected from time to time by the Chairman of Ways and Means from a panel appointed by the Committee of Selection at the beginning of every session. The Chairman of Ways and Means has power to select from the panel one additional member to act as Chair at every sitting of a committee on an unopposed bill at which neither the Chairman nor either Deputy Chairman is present.1 The committee has the assistance of the Counsel to the Speaker. The quorum of the committee is three. The time and date of the first meeting of the committee on a bill are fixed by the Chairman.2


  1. 1. Under this provision, two or more committees on unopposed bills may sit concurrently to expedite the progress of unopposed bills. Up to the present this has not been found necessary.
  2. 2. SO 111 and 132.