Compatibility with European Convention on Human Rights

43.4Since 2001, the explanatory memorandum with each bill must include a statement of opinion, by or on behalf of the promoters, as to the bill's compatibility with the rights under the European Convention on Human Rights defined in the Human Rights Act 1998. The Government is obliged to produce a report under Standing Orders 169A (HC) and 98A (HL) on the statement. When depositing the bill at the Privy Counsel Office, agents are required to include any background material in support of the human rights statement that they believe may assist Government in preparing the report. This report is required to be deposited in the Private Bill Office not later than the second sitting day after the bill's first reading in the relevant House.1 Agents must also deliver the bill and supporting material to the Commons Clerk of the Joint Committee on Human Rights to assist the committee's consideration of the bill.2


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  2. 2. For an occasion where the Joint Committee has required further material from the promoters, see HL 34/HC 303 (2003–04) ch 6.