Reports of joint committees

41.8A report from a joint committee is made to each House.1 However, when the consideration of a bill by a joint committee has been concluded, the bill itself is reported to the House into which it has been introduced.2

Both Houses order a report from a joint committee to be printed, and it is published with both a House of Lords and a House of Commons paper number.


  1. 1. By its Chair to the House to which they belong, and to the other House by a Member of that House.
  2. 2. Where no report on the bill is made, the committee directs one of the Members of the other House to report ‘accordingly’ to that House: London Passenger Transport Bill, HL 90 (1930–31) p xlix; Consolidation Bills, HC 38 (1934–35) p xiv (Unemployment Insurance Bill [Lords]).