Pre-legislative scrutiny committees

40.57In recent years it has become common for the two Houses to appoint ad hoc joint committees to scrutinise government bills published in draft. Such committees function as investigative committees, taking oral and written evidence and then making an evidence-based report. It is a regular practice for the committees to invite the Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee to submit observations about the draft bill, and other committees have been consulted from time to time, or have made their own reports on the draft bill.1


  1. 1. Each House appointed a committee to scrutinise the draft Freedom of Information Bill, HL 97 (1998–99); since then the tendency has been for any Lords scrutiny of draft bills to be conducted jointly with the House of Commons: for example, draft Investigatory Powers Bill (HL 93, HC 651 (2015–16)). For examples of consultation of other committees see the Joint Committee on the draft Constitutional Renewal Bill (HL 166 and HC 551 (2007–08)).