European Union Committee

40.51The committee was first appointed in 1974.1 The Chairman is formally appointed at the start of each session as Principal Deputy Chairman of Committees (see para 4.51 ). The orders of reference of the committee include ‘to consider European Union documents deposited in the House by a Minister, and other matters relating to the European Union’. Its work is described in more detail at para 40.51.

The committee has power to appoint sub-committees and to refer to them any of the matters within its orders of reference. The quorum of a sub-committee is two. At present there are six sub-committees covering defined policy areas. The committee has also appointed ad hoc sub-committees.2 The committee may co-opt any Lords Member to serve on a sub-committee.


  1. 1. LJ (1973–74) 184; HL 194 (1972–73); HL 62 and 139 (1974). The committee was known as the European Communities Committee until 1999.
  2. 2. For example, on Staffing of the Community Institutions, 1985, and the Intergovernmental Conferences, 1996.