Government responses to reports

40.41The Government has undertaken to respond in writing to the reports of select committees, if possible within two months of publication.1 The response may be given in the form of a Written Ministerial Statement in Hansard, in a memorandum or letter to the committee, or as a command paper.2 If the response to a sessional committee is not published by the Government, the committee will normally then publish it online. Following a response, committees sometimes invite a Minister to give evidence on the progress made in implementing recommendations, or take further evidence and make a further report. The Chairman of the Liaison Committee has written to Ministers seeking details on progress made in implementing recommendations of ad hoc committees which have ceased to exist.


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  2. 2. LJ (1982–83) 21; Fourth Report of the European Union Committee, Government and Commission Responses, HL Paper 72 (2010–12); Government Response to the Constitution Committee Report on the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill, Cm 8016 (11 February 2011). Government responses to committees no longer in existence should be given in the form of a command paper; for example, Government Response to the Report of the House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills, Cm 9099 (July 2015).