Publication of evidence

40.29If the committee has power to publish its evidence, it normally publishes written and oral evidence online soon after it has been submitted or heard.1 Oral evidence is broadcast live online, and an archive of webcasts is maintained. Written evidence may also, subject to the committee's agreement, be made publicly available by those submitting it from the time when it is submitted to the committee. Oral evidence is transcribed and a copy sent to witnesses for correction, with an instruction that the corrections must be confined to inaccuracies in the transcript, punctuation and minor changes of wording to clarify the sense. If the witness wishes to add to or modify an answer, this may be done by means of a footnote or supplementary written evidence.

Questions and answers may be struck out by order of the committee. The committee will indicate in the evidence as published the places in the text where material has been omitted.


  1. 1. Committees determine what evidence is published.