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40.25The quorum of a committee or sub-committee, unless otherwise ordered by the House, is three.1 Members participating via telephone or video call are included in this count.

The names of the members present at each meeting are recorded in the committee's minutes.2


  1. 1. The joint committees on Statutory Instruments and Human Rights have a quorum of two Lords members and two Commons members.
  2. 2. Pursuant to a Resolution of 25 June 1852, LJ (1852) 344. Attendance at a select committee at Westminster, or remote participation in such a meeting or a virtual meeting, entitles a Lords Member to claim the daily allowance on the same basis as attendance at a sitting of the House (see para 4.46 ). This entitlement extends to Lords Members who give oral evidence to a select committee of which they are not a member (minutes of House of Lords Commission, 12 July 2017). Attendance at a committee meeting away from Westminster entitles a Lords Member to claim the reduced daily allowance.