40.25The quorum of a committee or sub-committee, unless otherwise ordered by the House, is three.1

The names of the members present at each meeting are recorded in the committee's minutes.2


  1. 1. For sub-committees of the European Union Committee the quorum is two. The joint committees on Statutory Instruments and Human Rights have a quorum of two Lords members and two Commons members.
  2. 2. Pursuant to a Resolution of 25 June 1852, LJ (1852) 344. Attendance at a select committee at Westminster entitles a Lords Member to claim the daily allowance on the same basis as attendance at a sitting of the House (see para 4.46 ). This entitlement extends to Lords Members who give oral evidence to a select committee of which they are not a member (minutes of House of Lords Commission, 12 July 2017). Attendance at a committee meeting away from Westminster entitles a Lords Member to claim the reduced daily allowance.