Salaries of select committee Chairs and members of the Panel of Chairs

4.44Since Session 2003–04, the Chairs of certain select committees have been entitled to an extra annual salary, generally uprated in the same way as Members' salaries. Payment of an additional salary is subject to provisions made by the Committee on Standards regarding financial interests of Chairs (see para 5.13 ).1 In 2005, the House agreed to additional salaries for the members of the Panel of Chairs, to be paid at four different rates, eligibility for which was determined by length of service on the Panel. The maximum, earned by five years or more of service, was equal to the amount paid to the Chair of a relevant select committee.2

Since 2012, IPSA has determined the level of the additional salaries. On April 2017, the amount paid to Chairs of select committees and members of the Panel of Chairs was £15,235. Since April 2016, in line with IPSA's determination, members of the Panel of Chairs have received a flat rate equal to that for select committee Chairs. Members qualifying for payment under more than one category receive only a single payment. Select committee Chairs elected by the House qualify for the additional payment not on their election but on the appointment by the House of the committee membership.3


  1. 1. The Chairmen concerned are those of select committees related to government departments, the Environmental Audit Committee, the European Scrutiny Committee, the European Statutory Instruments Committee, the Finance Committee, the Committee of Public Accounts, the Select Committee on Public Administration, the Regulatory Reform Committee, the Joint Committee on Human Rights, the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments, the Administration Committee, the Liaison Committee, the Procedure Committee, the Selection Committee, the Committee on Standards and the Committee on Members' Allowances: CJ (2002–03) 658–59; HC Deb (2002–03) 412, cc 448–507; CJ (2005-06) 126; HC Deb (13 July 2005) 436, c 929; CJ (2008-09) 175; HC Deb (3 March 2009) 488, cc 807–18; CJ (2010–12) 1218; HC Deb (12 March 2012) 542, cc 69–84. For the recommendations of the Committee on Standards and Privileges, see HC 1150 (2002–03) para 16 and HC 1292 (2002–03).
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