The Speaker's administrative duties

4.27The Speaker has ultimate authority over many aspects of the accommodation and services in that part of the Palace of Westminster and precincts occupied by or on behalf of the House of Commons.1 In this the Speaker may be advised by the Domestic Committees (see para 6.2 ).

The Speaker is responsible, through the Clerk of the House, for the accuracy of the Votes and Proceedings, and, through the Editor of Hansard, for the Official Report of Debates.


  1. 1. For a statement on the extent of the Speaker's authority over the Estate, see HC Deb (26 October 2017) 630, cc 477–78; and for permission to use the Chamber for informal events, see HC Deb (21 November 2017) 649, c 845. The Speaker has, for example, suspended the issue of a pass to a Member's research assistant (HC Deb (21 October 1987) 120, cc 757–64); suspended a journalist's pass (ibid (1995–96) 277, c 386); prohibited the showing of a film subject to a High Court injunction until the House had had an opportunity to come to a decision on the matter (ibid (22 January 1987) 108, cc 1023–26); directed that a Member's car be detained if parked in Speaker's Court (ibid (29 January 1993) 217, c 1297); and reinterpreted the dress code to permit male Members to speak in the Chamber without a tie (ibid (29 June 2017) 626, c 774).