Committees considering national planning policy statements

38.69The Liaison Committee (see para 38.82 below) has responsibility for recommending how proposals for national policy statements laid before Parliament under the Planning Act 2008, s 9, should be scrutinised. A sub-committee of the Committee considers whether the statements should be scrutinised by a designated departmental select committee or by an ad hoc National Policy Statement Committee, appointed under Standing Order No 152H; the main committee reports its conclusions to the House.1

If formed, a National Policy Statement Committee would be comprised of between 7 and 14 members, nominated by the Liaison Committee, all of whom must be drawn from the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Housing, Communities and Local Government, the Transport and the Welsh Affairs Committees. It has the usual powers of a select committee (except that it may not travel overseas) and additionally may invite Members who are not members of the committee to participate in its proceedings (but not to move any motion, amendment or draft report, vote or count towards the quorum). This power is also available to any departmental select committee designated to consider a proposed national policy statement, in the course of its proceedings on the statement. A committee scrutinising a national policy statement must report on the proposal within a specified period or the Chair must report that the committee makes no recommendation.2


  1. 1. For designation of a committee, see Formal Minutes of the Liaison Committee and Votes and Proceedings, 11 December 2013; no ad hoc National Policy Statement Committee has yet been appointed.
  2. 2. SO No 152H, and CJ (2008–09) 378.