Messages from the Crown for pecuniary aid

37.4The Lords have taken exception if a message from the Crown for pecuniary aid is sent exclusively to the Commons,1 and it is a long-established custom to present such messages to both Houses, if possible on the same day, addressing the demand for the grant to the Commons, and desiring the concurrence of the Lords, a procedure which maintains the constitutional relations of the two Houses of Parliament in matters of Supply. The reply made by the Lords to the message is an Address to the Crown, declaring their willingness to concur in the measures which may be adopted by the other House.2


  1. 1. Messages respecting the Civil List on 11 March 1936, 16 March 1937 and 18 November 1947 were presented to the Commons alone, CJ (1935–36) 123; ibid (1936–37) 171; ibid (1947–48) 51.
  2. 2. LJ (1951–52) 195. The bill for the Sovereign Grant Act 2011 was preceded by messages from the Queen to both Houses on 29 June 2011; the Lords agreed an Address in response on 30 June 2011.