Procedure in the absence of the ‘Amendment of the law’ resolution

36.38On occasions, the ‘Amendment of the law’ resolution has not been included among the Budget resolutions. This has most commonly been the case when a dissolution is anticipated,1 but is has also applied after second or additional Budgets of the year following a General Election,2 when Ways and Means resolutions to serve as founding resolutions for a Finance Bill have not followed a Budget,3 and in other circumstances following the November 2017 and October 2018 Budgets.4

In any such case, the first Budget resolution serves as the basis for debate in the same way as would the Amendment of the Law resolution if that were the first resolution. The first Budget resolution remains the only resolution to which amendments can be proposed.5 In such instances, the scope for amendment of the bill is strictly limited to what is authorised by the specific resolutions on which the bill is founded: see para 36.30.


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