Levies upon an industry for its own purposes

36.19Levies upon employers in a particular industry for the purpose of forming a fund used to finance activities beneficial to the industry are not normally regarded as charges upon the people, provided they are so framed as not to fall into the categories outlined at paras 36.1136.14. The following examples may be given of provisions which have been treated as falling within this rule and therefore as not requiring authorisation by Ways and Means resolution:

  • the imposition of a levy on persons engaged in the white fish industry to finance the White Fish Authority;1
  • a levy on bookmakers for purposes connected with the advancement of horse racing;2
  • a levy on employers in a particular industry to finance the activities of a training board for that industry;3
  • provision for registration fees to be paid by veterinary drug merchants, to be used for the purpose of maintaining or improving standards in the industry;4
  • the charging of fees by an inshore fishing and conservation authority for fishing permits, the existence of a regime for conserving fish stocks being for the benefit of local fishermen as well for the general benefit;5
  • the requirement on higher education institutions to pay fees to the operator of a student complaints scheme (and to the Secretary of State if he were specified as the person to review complaints in the event of the operator's ceasing to provide the scheme).6


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