The expenditure must be payable out of the Consolidated Fund or National Loans Fund

35.4This criterion is expressly stipulated in Standing Order No 48, which defines a charge upon the public revenue as either ‘payable out of the Consolidated Fund or the National Loans Fund’ or ‘out of money to be provided by Parliament’. Particular questions arise in applying that definition to local authority expenditure and to expenditure out of the National Insurance Fund: those questions are considered at paras 35.835.9.

The definition excludes any method of financing expenditure by intercepting the proceeds of taxation or other sources of revenue before they are paid into the Consolidated Fund. There are cases of such intercepts being provided for in statute and not being authorised by Money resolution;1 but a Money resolution has been required to authorise deductions from the gross revenues of the Inland Revenue to pay tax credits.2

Expenditure which is to be met by appropriations from the Consolidated Funds of Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales does not require authorisation by Money resolution.3 Similarly, bills which were only concerned with the authorisation and appropriation of amounts from the Northern Ireland Consolidated Fund did not require a Money resolution.4


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