New expenditure authorised by financial resolutions

33.15New Government expenditure not previously authorised by statute must be authorised through Money resolutions. While the royal initiative in Supply and Ways and Means rests upon ancient constitutional usage, in respect of novel expenditure it is based on standing orders, more specifically Standing Order No 48, made in 1713. The importance of this Standing Order has always been recognised. It embodies the constitutional principle underlying the already long-established practice whereby a request by the Crown invariably precedes the grant of Supply, and applies that Supply to proposals for new expenditure not previously authorised by statute.1


  1. 1. The intention underlying this procedure was in effect that the Queen's recommendation in relation to new expenditure, signified by a Minister, should be an exercise of the financial initiative analogous to the Crown's demand for Supply. Thus, if the Queen chose to recommend to the Commons a proposal for expenditure not originally made by herself, she could be regarded as adopting it as an addition to her request for Supply.