Rule 2: Preliminary consideration of resolutions

33.12The authority of a resolution of the House must be obtained before a charge on public funds or on the people can be considered in the form of a bill or a clause of a bill. Thus, Supply and Appropriation Bills are brought in upon Supply resolutions (see paras 28.3, 34.35 ); bills making provision for support for the royal household are brought in upon a resolution (see para 34.42 ); Finance Bills and other taxing bills are brought in upon Ways and Means resolutions (see paras 36.29, 36.34, 36.43 ); and financial resolutions are necessary preliminaries to the consideration in committee of the charging provisions of any other kind of bill. In the case of taxation clauses, such authorising resolutions are likewise described as Ways and Means resolutions. In relation to clauses containing items of novel expenditure, that is to say expenditure not previously given statutory authority, the authorising resolution is known as a Money resolution.