Notification of laying

31.12When papers are laid in the House of Commons, notice appears in an Appendix to the daily Votes and Proceedings. A list of statutory instruments is updated daily on the parliamentary website.12 Each instrument has an individual web page displaying a timeline of parliamentary activity, with links to relevant publications such as Hansard and committee reports. Instruments subject to the negative procedure include the date of expiry for moving a motion to annul.

In the House of Lords, notice that an instrument has been laid appears in the Minutes of Proceedings. House of Lords Business also contains lists of statutory instruments currently before the House which include all affirmative instruments, those negative instruments which are a subject of a prayer motion or have been reported by the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee (or both), and some other instruments.


  1. 1. The list also includes those Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly which, by virtue of the fact that they deal with excepted or reserved matters, must lie before either House for 20 days before being submitted for Royal Assent (Northern Ireland Act 1998 (c 47), ss 14–15), and treaties subject to negative procedure (see para 31.17 ).
  2. 2.