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Prorogation to revive bills

30.30Parliament has occasionally been prematurely prorogued to give an opportunity to revive bills whose passage was blocked by disagreement between the two Houses. In 1948, Parliament was prorogued for one day only (from 13 September to 14 September) in order to meet the requirements of the Parliament Act 1911 for further consideration of the Parliament Bill, which ultimately resulted in the passing by the Commons alone of the Parliament Act 1949.1


  1. 1. CJ (1947–48) 399; ibid (1948) 403–5. See also CJ (1688–93) 272 (prorogation in order to revive the Bill of Rights, 1689); 2 Hatsell 127 (to revive a bill rejected by the Lords, 1707); CJ (1830–31) 935 (to bring in the third Reform Bill, 1831).