Third reading

28.147It has already been explained (paras 28.126, 28.139 ) that, when a bill is reported from a Committee of the whole House without amendment, or when the consideration of a bill, as amended, is concluded, the Member in charge may move the third reading of the bill forthwith, or name a future day for that stage. The former course is the usual procedure, except where the bill is one of great importance or has been extensively amended on consideration; in such cases an interval before the third reading may be thought desirable.1 The passing of emergency and other expedited legislation, through all or several stages in one day, is described at paras 30.4130.47.

On the reading of the order for third reading, the Queen's consent is signified to bills affecting the Crown's interests or prerogative if it has not already been signified (see paras 9.69.7 ).


  1. For example, CJ (1979–80) 684.