Bills reported from a Committee of the whole House

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28.126If the bill has been reported from a Committee of the whole House without amendment, it is ordered to be read the third time forthwith, or a future day is appointed for the third reading.A1

If amendments have been made to the bill in committee, the Member in charge, in response to the Speaker's request, names a day on which the bill, as amended, is to be taken into consideration. This is the normal practice, but (see para 30.43 ) the bill may be considered immediately after it has been reported provided that a question for its consideration has been put and agreed to.

According to the usual practice of the House, a bill introduced on a Ways and Means resolution may not go through more than one stage (other than report stage and third reading) on the same day (see paras 33.7, fn 2 and 33.23 );1 however, orders are regularly agreed to by the House waiving this practice in the case of particular bills.2 In the case of Supply and Appropriation Bills under Standing Order No 56, the questions for second and third readings are successively put forthwith, with no order being made for the committal of the bill.


  1. 1. For example, HC Deb (1956–57) 570, cc 1041–42. In this case, proceedings on third reading taken on the same day as committee were declared null and void.
  2. 2. For example, Votes and Proceedings, 24 April 2017.
  3. A1. For a business of the House order providing for a Bill to be taken into consideration on a future day even if reported from a Committee of the whole House without amendment, see Taxation (Post-transition Period) Bill, 9 December 2020.