28.119Except in the circumstances described below, the long title can be amended only if the bill has been so altered as to necessitate such an amendment;1 but any amendment to the title that may be necessary is made.2 No question is put that the title, or that the title as amended, stand part of the bill; and debate on an amendment must be limited to the question of whether the alteration is necessary to bring the title into conformity with the bill.3

Where a bill has been divided in committee and it is necessary to provide the new bill with a title, the question ‘That the title be the title to the bill’ is put after notice of the title has been given.4

Where a title has referred to a proposal not contained in a bill as introduced, an amendment to the title not consequential on any amendment to the bill has been permitted to be made.5

The short title of a bill may be amended by means of an amendment to the citation clause (see para 26.6 ), and a corresponding alteration is thereupon made by the Public Bill Office to the title by which the bill is referred to in the House (see para 28.123 ).


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