Withdrawal of amendments

28.101Once the question on an amendment has been proposed from the Chair, it can be withdrawn only at the request of the Member who moved it and by the unanimous leave of the committee.1 If a Member rises to continue the debate when the mover of an amendment has formally asked leave to withdraw it, leave is treated as withheld, and may not subsequently be sought again.2


  1. 1. HC Deb (1928) 219, c 185; Stg Co Deb (1995–96), Stg Co A (Channel Tunnel Rail Link Bill) c 50; ibid, Stg Co D (Broadcasting Bill [Lords]), cc 211–12; Fisheries Bill Committee, 13 December 2018, c 271.
  2. 2. The Chair may, however, withdraw an amendment from the consideration of the committee if it should appear in the course of debate that it is out of order (see para 28.112 ).