General procedure in Committee of the whole House

28.84Proceedings in Committee of the whole House broadly follow the procedures of the House itself (subject to exceptions described below). Members address the occupant of the Chair, who performs in the Committee all the duties of the Speaker in the House. Members must speak standing as when the House is sitting (see para 21.6 ). Committees of the whole House meet in the Chamber. Debates in Committee of the whole House are recorded in the Official Report of the day's sitting in the House; and the proceedings are recorded in the Votes and Proceedings and the Journal of the House.1 The main difference between the proceedings of the Committee and those of the House is that in the former a Member (including a Minister or shadow minister) is entitled to speak more than once to the same question (see para 21.11 ).2

Notice is normally given of amendments which it is proposed to move to bills in Committees of the whole House, although the Chair may allow an amendment to be moved without notice (see para 20.34 ). A motion for the previous question cannot be moved in committee (see para 20.25 ).


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