Committees of the whole House

28.82As described above (paras 28.57–28.58 ), bills are normally committed in accordance with a programme order either to a Committee of the whole House1 or (more usually) to a public bill committee, or they may be divided between the two kinds of committee. This section describes the characteristics and procedures of a Committee of the whole House. This is followed by a section on consideration of the text of a bill, which is relevant to proceedings both in Committee of the whole House and in public bill committees. Examples and references are drawn from the practice of each type of committee and are largely relevant to both. The distinct characteristics of public bill committees are described in Chapter 39.


  1. 1. For an example of a bill committed to Committee of the whole House but not subject to a programme order, see Insurance Bill [Lords], Votes and Proceedings, 27 January 2015 (Law Commission bill).