Notice, selection, etc

28.77Notice is required of instructions and is also required of any amendment which would widen their terms.1 Under Standing Order No 32(4), the Speaker has the same power to select motions for instructions to committees on bills as to select amendments.2 Any amendment moved to an instruction must be strictly relevant and must be drawn in such a way that, if accepted, the question as amended would retain the form and effect of an instruction.


  1. 1. HC Deb (1909) 2, c 286. Notice is not required for an instruction founded on a resolution of the House.
  2. 2. It was formerly the practice of the House that a Member could not move more than one instruction to a committee in respect of the same bill, whether public or private (Parl Deb (1896) 39, c 1708 (a private bill); ibid (1896) 41, c 866 (a public bill)). In 2005–06, three instructions to a select committee on a hybrid bill were moved by a member of the Government (CJ (2005–06) 143, 364–65).