Appointment of public bill committees

28.66Under Standing Order No 84A(1), a public bill committee is appointed for the consideration of each bill committed to such a committee. (Before 2006 a bill was committed to a standing committee rather than to a public bill committee, and then allocated to a specific committee by the Speaker.) For committal of certain bills with a limited territorial application to specific public bill committees, see paras 27.4 and 27.14.

A public bill committee on a programmed bill has power to send for persons, papers and records (see para 38.32 ). A public bill committee on a bill which is not programmed may be given that power under Standing Order No 63(2)(b).

Any number of public bill committees may be set up in the course of a session. If a public bill committee has been set up for one Private Member's Bill, under Standing Order No 84A(5), the Committee of Selection may not nominate a second while proceedings in the first are still active, unless a Minister gives notice of a motion in support of that nomination. If, however, the Member in charge of the bill in respect of which the first committee has been nominated informs the Committee of Selection that they do not intend for the time being to proceed with the committee stage of the bill, a second committee may be nominated; in which case the first committee may not meet until the second has concluded its proceedings.1


  1. 1. These arrangements reproduce the effect of the former system, whereby all Private Members' Bills committed to a standing committee were allocated to the same committee (normally Standing Committee C).