Exceptions prescribed under standing order

28.62Supply and Appropriation Bills (see above and paras 34.3534.39 ) are expressly exempted from the operation of Standing Order No 63, and have no committee stage. Under Standing Order No 60, after second reading, tax law rewrite bills stand committed to the Joint Committee on Tax Law Rewrite Bills, and are thereafter recommitted to a Committee of the whole House, unless the House otherwise orders (see para 28.55 ). Although Consolidation Bills are not specifically exempted from the operation of Standing Order No 63, a motion may be made by a Minister immediately after second reading, without notice and at any hour, to the effect that a Consolidation Bill be not committed. The question on it is put forthwith and, if it is agreed to, the bill has no committee stage (Standing Order No 58). Where the latter procedure is not invoked, the committee stage of a Consolidation Bill is invariably taken in Committee of the whole House.