Supplementary provisions relating to programming

28.60Standing Order No 83I makes various supplementary provisions.

Proceedings on a bill subject to a programme motion are exempted business for any period after the moment of interruption allocated to them in accordance with the programme order and may not be interrupted under any standing order relating to the sittings of the House. Such proceedings may be continued beyond or entered upon after the moment of interruption, without any further provision.

In addition, if the Speaker has announced that on a day on which the bill is to be taken as an order of the day, a motion for a debate under Standing Order No 24 would otherwise begin at a specified time before the moment of interruption, that motion stands over until the conclusion of any proceedings on the bill which, in accordance with the programme order, are to be brought to conclusion at or before that time. The bringing to a conclusion of any proceedings on the bill which, under the programme order, are to be brought to a conclusion after that time, is postponed for a period of time equal to the duration of the proceedings on the emergency debate.

No dilatory motion may be made in relation to proceedings subject to a programme order except by a Minister, and the question on any such motion is to be put forthwith. If at any sitting the House is adjourned, or the sitting is suspended, before the expiry of the period at the end of which proceedings are to be brought to a conclusion under a programme order, no notice is required of a motion made at the next sitting by a Minister for varying or supplementing the provisions of the programme order.

Bills which have been carried over under Standing Order No 80A or 80B may be programmed, and the programme order passed in the first session continues to apply and may be varied in the second session.1

A programme motion may provide for re-committal of a bill,2 or make contingent provision for the re-committal of a bill,3 and may then make provision for further proceedings on a bill after re-committal.4


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