Law Commission bills referred to a second reading committee

28.54In the case of bills the main purpose of which is to give effect to the recommendations contained in a report by either of the Law Commissions, under Standing Order No 59, reference to a second reading committee is automatic, rather than permissive.1 Such a Law Commission bill stands referred to a second reading committee when it is set down for second reading and is accordingly debated in the committee, rather than the House, unless the House otherwise orders.2


  1. 1. The Fraud Bill [Lords] 2005–06, which was similar to a draft bill attached to a Law Commission report, was not proceeded with as a Law Commission bill.
  2. 2. A Law Commission bill relating exclusively to Scotland may alternatively be referred to the Scottish Grand Committee, under procedures described in Erskine May (23rd edn, 2004), p 588.