Deferment of Private Members' Bills after the interruption of business

28.50Thirteen Fridays are set aside under Standing Order No 14(8) for Private Members' Bills (see para 18.16 ). If the proceedings on the bill under consideration at the moment of interruption of business are not completed, the Member in charge may name a future day for consideration of the bill. In their absence, either another Member, publicly stating that they are acting on behalf of the Member in charge, may name a day, or the Clerk at the Table, if they have received written instructions from the Member in charge, or another Member on their behalf, specifically authorised for that occasion, will advise the occupant of the Chair of the day to which the bill should be deferred. No other Member may name a day for further consideration of the bill. Failing an instruction by any of these means, the bill becomes a dropped order. The same procedure applies to subsequent bills listed for that day, where proceedings are objected to on the reading of the relevant order of the day.1


  1. 1. HC Deb (1973–74) 867, cc 2048–49. A Member may also defer proceedings after the order is read, by naming a future day rather than saying ‘Now’, before the point at which objection is taken: see Votes and Proceedings, 4 November 2016, and 23 November 2018 (Armed Forces (Statute of Limitations) Bill).